Morales Concrete Design

Who are we?

Hello dear friend! We are glad you clicked on our page. We are thrilled to have you here visiting us via the web. Let me introduce myself. I am Abraham Morales, son of Jesus Morales and Araceli Perez. We, as members of a household, have a unique way of financing our budgets and businesses. Our beliefs, principals, ethics, and values are all essential for our decision making. We strongly believe in helping each other out as a family. If one is struggling then everyone is struggling. We have discovered a new service to offer our clients: decorative concrete. We want to bring life back to your concrete surfaces whether it be basements, patios, porches, interior, warehouse, commercial or industrial. As a family, we like to stay close at all times. Jesus as the chief of the company; Abraham as co-chief; Araceli as secretary. Our sales team leader is Jocelyn, daughter, part of the family and her husband Ramiro Moreno as superintendent. As you can see dear friend, we are one team, one company, one family: Morales Concrete Design. We want to offer you, our customers, the best of the best. This included quality, trust, liability, and the experience of great satisfaction. The decision to make your old, cracked, gray slabs of concrete into a decorative dream that can last a life time is not a decision you will regret. We are looking forward to giving you the floors you’ve always dreamed of! Blessing!